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Thor Prohaska

I was born in Moongunya, North Queensland, in 1957 where I spent my early years.

In 1972 I went to the Rockhampton Grammar School as a boarding student.

I then went to Kelvin Grove in Brisbane to study to be a primary school teacher.

After deciding that I wasn't ready to be a teacher I moved to Melbourne where I had a range of jobs that ultimately led to a career in IT .

In between my day job I became increasingly involved in the pioneering of snowboarding. As one of the founders of snowboarding in Australia I had the valuable opportunity of seeing an organisation grow from nothing and go through the full life cycle. This experience showed me that hierarchical authoritarian organisational structures are usually not the best way for human beings to manage group activities.

After my intense involvement in snowboarding I began to question if what I was doing was of real value or just an indulgence. I raised this question with a person whose wisdom I respected and his response was that people needed to have holidays and recreation and that I was helping them in that way. This still did not completely satisfy my feeling that there was something else that I had to do and that there were 'bigger fish out there to fry'. By this point I had reached two of my goals in snowboarding, which were to gain access to all ski resorts for snowboarders and to promote the sport to the point were it was on the verge of becoming a mainstream sport. So in late 1987 I returned to my former life in I.T. and over the next 5 years gradually scaled back my involvement in snowboarding.

Since 1987 I have worked as a Technical Writer, Software Test Analyst and currently as a Process Architect. For a summary of my career . The experience I have had in these roles has given me further insight into the resolution of issues. I have learnt about how large scale computer systems are developed and what needs to be done to ensure that they are implemented. I have seen many failures and lost opportunities that have been caused by not including the people who knew vital information. I have seen deception to hide failures or make something look better than it really was. As a professional software tester I had to resolve issues and associated conflicts.

I believe that by combining the power of the internet with the real networks that connect us to our family and friends, acquaintances and colleagues, that we can more effectively advance the common wealth of all Australians and more broadly all people on this planet.

Two put the theory into practice I ran for federal parliament in 2013 as the Palmer United Party ( formerly United Australia Party ) candidate for the Queensland seat of Petrie where I received 10.2% of the primary vote. However, as history shows Clive Palmer didn't 'Walk the Talk' so I, like many others, resigned from PUP.

In January 2015 I ran for the Queensland state seat of Pine Rivers and received 4.7% of the primary vote.

And then in July 2016 I ran for the Federal state seat of Dickson and received 3.54% of the primary vote.

I'm still working on ways of improving our democracy ... so stay tuned as the journey unfolds.