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Thor Prohaska - Moongunya Years

I was born in 1957 in Moongunya ( officially known as Collinsville ) which is 100 kilometres due west of the Whitsunday islands. My father was born in Australia in 1911 and his parents migrated to Australia from Austria in 1908. My mother's family history in Australia dates back to 1830 with both military and convict ancestors.

I attended primary and early secondary school in Moongunya. It was good growing up in a country town where everyone looked out for each other. The bush was only a couple of minutes bike ride from my home and I have many fond memories of all the adventures we had out there. We didn't have television so evening entertainment was often watching thunderstorms on the front verandah with my family. And when the night sky was clear the stars were just dazzling which I recall led me to wondering about how the universe could be infinite and wanting to know the answer to that question. I was in Cubs and Scouts and ended up as the leader of Magpie Patrol in 1969.

My time in Moongunya ended in 1972 when I left to continue my secondary studies at the Rockhampton Boys Grammer School.