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This page contains links to all the downloadable files available from the 'Australia' web site.

Conditions of Use:

  • You are permitted to use and copy these files for any non-commercial purpose that is in accord with the
  • These files cannot be used for any commercial purpose without the explicit and advance permission of Anthem Australia.
  • Copyright of these files is held by 'The Australian People' and coordinated by Anthem Australia. In some instances must also give their permission before a file can be used for commercial purposes.


Download and OPEN a file
  1. 'Double click' on the files link using the LEFT mouse button.

    IF the software application that created the file is installed on the downloading computer then the file will be opened by that application. E.g. If it is a Microsoft Word file then it will open up the file in Word. The opened file can then be saved.

    IF the software application that created the file is not installed on the downloading computer then your system should prompt you to choose an application to open the file with.
Download and SAVE a file:
  1. 'Single click' on its link using the RIGHT mouse button. A 'Pop-Up' menu will appear.
  2. Select the menu option 'Save Target As ...'. A 'File Download' window will appear prompting you for the file name and location.
  3. Either accept or change the default name and location.
  4. Then click the 'SAVE' button. The file will then be saved to the selected location.


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