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'We are the dreaming of this land, its spirit breathes in me.'


'We've golden soil and wealth for toil, our home is girt by sea'

The statement 'We've golden soil' is inaccurate. There is red, brown, black, grey and yellow soil but no 'golden soil'. If 'golden' refers to the fertility of the soil then that would be a misrepresentation as Australia has the least topsoil of any continent.

The phrase 'wealth for toil' adds little of significance to the national anthem. Stating that we have natural resources used by the Australian people to create more wealth is just saying the obvious.

The phrase 'our home is girt by sea' also adds nothing of significance.

The spiritual traditions of planet Earth all share a common idea that immortal 'spirit' (God, Allah, Jehovah, The Absolute, Universal Consciousness, The Great Spirit, call it what you want) has a 'dream' otherwise known as the 'Divine Plan' that is made manifest as a Universe of Stars with planets that have oceans and lands that bear and nurture life. These ideas are expressed in the phrase, 'We are the dreaming of this land'.

In one form or another all life breathes. It is a defining quality of life. Breathing takes what is outside of us (oxygen) and brings it inside to sustain our life. Then we give back to the outside something from us that sustains other forms of life (carbon dioxide for plants). And the cycle goes on.

So it is through the land that life expresses its form, lives and breathes and then returns to that land from which it came. So in each and everyone of us our breath is an intimate connection with and constant reminder of the essence of life. This idea is expressed in the phrase 'its spirit breathes in me.'

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