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If 'young' refers to the nation of Australia since the year 1770 then it excludes the first Australians as they have been here for 40,000+ years. This is not in harmony with the spirit of 'reconciliation'. If 'young' refers to the age of Australians then this is obviously wrong as there are people of all ages in this country.

As for 'free' there are many Australians who do not feel that they are free. They do not feel 'Free to have their opinions counted in the national interest', or 'Free from the fear of losing their home or farm', or 'Free from the fear of violence', or 'Free to walk on the land that their ancestors called home' or 'Free from pollution'. So to say that we are free is not true for all Australians at all times. However, through our efforts, individually and collectively, we can make the freedom that we are born with an everyday reality.

It has been said that 'The price of freedom is eternal vigilance' and 'The only thing good people need to do to allow evil to flourish is to turn a blind eye'.

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