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'... make our dreams come true.'


'... advance Australia fair'

Progress, advancement, evolution, refinement, betterment, development, call it what you want, needs fresh ideas born of insight and imagination. Such ideas are often called dreams. For example when we say, 'Our hopes and dreams' or 'Dare to dream' or when Martin Luther King jnr said, "".

To turn such 'dreams' into reality almost always requires courage. The courage of conviction, the courage to face physical danger and ridicule from those who are threatened in some form by the changes that the dream will bring. There are many examples of dreamers throughout the ages who have had to face strong resistance to make their dreams come true. One such person that exemplifies this challenge is

A dream usually starts with one person or a handful of people. If the dream has value then more and more people will come to share it. To make a dream happen people combine together to aid and support it. The that comes from combining with others can have unexpected benefits. As effort is directed to making one dream come true it can often open opportunities to progress other dreams.

So rather than just 'advancing' I would prefer to combine with my fellow Australians to tackle tasks of value that require the courage of our convictions to bring to reality our dreams of a better life for us and future generations.